A downloadable game for Windows

Henry Snackleworth woke up with a headache. Was that pounding in his ears just the fridge acting up again? Why was his room's door locked? And who hung up that weird painting on the wall?

Try to defeat all the monsters.
Hint: The order in which they are defeated may be important.

Keys: Left, Right, Ctrl, Space
Esc to quit. Controller recommended.

Made with Game Maker Studio for Ludum Dare 37 in 3 days. All assets created by me, except fonts and instruments.

Tools used:
- Aseprite
- Photoshop
- Reaper
- Miroslav Philharmonik
- bfxr


Uploaded version 1.1 with some bugfixes:
- fixed a lot of hitbox issues
- fixed fridge jump path so the player is not hit immediately when it jumps
- extended player range a little
- some HP balancing
- fixed attacks sometimes not being triggered correctly (especially the painting's acid attack)
- moved cursor away from objects in the bedroom so a level is not immediately triggered after losing a fight


henry_snackleworth_ld37_v1.1.exe 2 MB


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A very interesting composition. While the game felt somewhat bland, the boss fights were diverse and complex enough. I haven't beat any of them yet, but I sure would try again!